About us

Medidee was established by three partners, all experts in the field of medical devices. As professionals with a multidisciplinary background we provide all necessary competences internally to handle all aspects of your project, from the Design to the Certification. Our team is expanding regularly to provide the best resources and competences to address all dimensions of your project and to reach the ambitious milestones required by the marketing of your product. Hereafter are the key people of Medidee.

Kim Rochat - Senior Partner

Kim Rochat is an experienced Project Manager for multi-national and multi-cultural environments (US, Europe, Maghreb). He has a successful track record in QMS implementation, driving risk management activities, auditing for Medical Device manufacturing (ISO 13485, ISO 14971, MDD & IVD Directives and FDA) and in the CE Marking process, including Technical File compilation and validation activities for products and processes.
Kim holds a MBA in IS Security, a BA in Economy, a CAS in Project Management and a CAS in Medtech Ventures Management. Kim combines medical device experience with a proven expertise in Supply Chain Optimization and implementation of good practices.

Philippe Etter - Senior Partner

Philippe Etter holds 20+ years of practice in the development and market transfer of medical devices. His experience is built on design, industrialization and CE marking of critical products such as active medical devices, implants and active implants. Having designed more than 44 Quality Management Systems.
Philippe is specialized in accompanying AIMD and IVD projects from A to Z including clinical strategy, investor relationship and leadership coaching. Philippe holds a Master of Science of the EPFL and a European degree III in sterilization of medical devices. 

Pierre-Alain Sommer - Senior Consultant

Pierre-Alain Sommer has 25+ years of experience in the medical devices industry, including R&D, production, distribution, quality and regulatory affairs.

After a successful career in Operations, QA & RA of active and non active implantable medical devices, Pierre-Alain has been providing coaching and training services to numerous startups as well as to established industries.

Pierre-Alain has also acted more than 10 years as notified body auditor and is an experienced FDA QSR, PMS and 510k expert.

Medidee welcomes an experienced professional with a superior ability to drive projects through.

Arthur Goddard - Senior Consultant USA

Arthur is a RA/QA professional in the medical device industry since over 36 years. His expertise includes: research, product development, manufacturing, servicing, QC and direct administrative supervision. R&D experience includes obtaining FDA approvals for a large variety of devices and achieving ISO 13485 certification to obtain CE Marking, audited to ISO /GMP regulations, hosted FDA inspections; assisted in design / redesign projects. 

Arthur holds a BA degree and is Regulatory Affairs Certified (RAC). He is experienced in photo-therapy equipment, minimally invasive surgical devices, dental cement, liquid bandage, wireless neurological devices, orthopedic surgical devices, in vitro fertilization devices, Class IV laser pain management and therapy equipment, cardio-vascular devices, respiratory devices, and tinnitus masking devices.

Dr Jurjen Zoethout - Senior Associate

Dr. Jurjen Zoethout has 15+ years of experience working in cross-functional projects in the fields of medical devices (Drug Coated Balloons, Drug-Eluting Stents) and mechatronic applications (Virtual Reality medical training simulators, automated manufacturing, mobile robotics). He has been responsible for international project management (EU, US, JP), defining, developing and implementing clinical trial (CIP, IB, CTA), regulatory (CE), QA (ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820) as well as for conducting M&A due diligence. Jurjen is ready to help clients to determine the most appropriate development and regulatory pathways to bring novel medical devices to global markets. He can also participate in design review and risk management activities, interfacing with Notified Bodies and Competent Authorities.

Jehan Cellier - Business Development Europe

Jehan Cellier adds extensive program management experience to his expertise of product and process development in the medical device field. Built on his mechanical & thermal engineering background, during these last 10 years, he has taken the responsibility of a wide range of implant, AIMD and active devices development projects. In this framework he is used to setup robust and validated processes in close contact with product engineers. Within Medidee, Jehan is in charge of business development in key European countries where Medidee is establishing presence. Jehan is your key contact for translating your requirement into a project and for dimensionning clinical, regulatory or quality support

Ghislain Ndeuchi - Senior Associate - Project Manager

Ghislain Ndeuchi has worked in the compliance field for three years as an IT analyst and later as medical device consultant. Ghislain holds a Bachelor in Information Technologies and a Master in Information Systems Management from HEC Lausanne.
Ghislain has successfully conducted various project in the field of medical electrical devices such as IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3 compliance, software validation, technical file setup and QMS deployment. 
The competences of Ghislain provide a strong base for fulfilling a wide range of RA/QA missions on mobile and stand alone active devices. 

Yann Cailler - Senior Associate - Project Manager

YCAnewYann Cailler has worked in the quality and regulatory field for various startups in traumatology and cardiology, covering all steps from R&D to after sale services. 

Yann holds a Bachelor from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland in Microengineering. 

With the combination of his technical background and his project management skills, Yann is specialized in understanding complex technical and regulatory environments and is ready to guide you in your certification process from the idea to the marketed product.

Tarik Meral - Project Associate

Tarik Meral is a chemist specialized in material science, bio-compatibility and non conventional processes. He has worked in a multinational environment developping innovative processes.

Tarik holds a Master in Engineering from ENSCPB in Bordeaux and a DUT from Besançon University.

Tarik is specialized in the technology transfers, especially when they include complex production and/or QC methods. He is used to heavy constraint manufacturing environments and is ready to support your regulatory and process validation projects.

Cedric Razaname - Project Associate

Cédric holds a Master in Microengineering from EPFL Lausanne. Cédric has started his career in an international medical device company as a Manufacturing Intern, which gives him a good understanding of the classic manufacturing processes and experience in qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ). He has then worked in a small company in the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) field for four years as a Process Engineer. He has multiple experiences such as manufacturing process qualification and validation, redaction of technical documentation for manufacturing process, management of suppliers and testing, data analysis and documentation for new products development.

Dr Wojciech Bobela - Project Associate

Wojciech Bobela has acquired his scientific expertize by being part of competitive and multi international research teams for almost a decade. He is an expert in in vitro cell technologies, animal experi-mentation and neuro protective therapies for Parkinson’s disease. His research expertize serves as an invaluable advantage for anyone willing to establish quality management systems or discuss application of regulatory legislation to their medical devices.

Wojciech obtained his MSc in Medical Biotechnology from Jagiellonian University in Cracow and holds PhD degree in Neuroscience from EPFL in Lausanne. He speaks Polish, English, French and German.

Dr Ines Benmessaoud - Project Associate

Ines holds a PhD in Biotechnology and Bioengineering from EPFL, for her pre-clinical studies on nanomaterials. She is certified GCP, Prince 2, Risk Management, and is obtaining a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), from HEIG-VD, on Clinical/Regulatory Affairs - Quality Assurance for IVD and medical devices.

With a twin passion to healthcare and regulatory affairs, Ines is an autonomous leader of multidisciplinary projects, able to work in highly competitive international teams. Specialist in biology, she is fully trained in pre-clinical toxicology, with strong knowledge on novel technologies, mechanisms of drug action and immunology.

Leslie Biston - Project Associate

Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. Her Bachelor project in the Medical Device field focused on mechanical solutions on a patient support for a standard medical X-ray device for developing countries.

Leslie is specialized in maintaining Product Quality, QMS and Regulatory Compliance for medical products. She provides a great support when it comes to the daily development and maintenance of rigorous processes in a dynamic business environment.

She masters the parallel setup of regulatory submissions in various regulatory environment while providing continuous support to R&D team or product team for quality aspects

Leslie speaks fluently French and English and has good understanding of German.

Aya Makki - Project Associate

Aya Makki holds a BSc in Pharmacy and a MSc in Bio- and Pharmaceutical analysis. Aya has work experience with international GMP regulations, with QC of pharmaceutical products and qualification of process equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing including the handling of OOS products and the subsequent root cause analysis and CAPA.

Aya coaches QMS implementation and the compilation of technical documentation for conformity assessment procedures especially when the medical devices involve manufacturing processes known from pharmaceuticals.

Giulia Zappacosta - Project Associate

Giulia Zappacosta is a biomedical engineer by education with research experience in the development of an analytical microfabricated device to characterize single T-cells based on their electrical properties.

Giulia works in interdisciplinary projects and actively collaborate with experts from different backgrounds.

Giulia is ready to provide support on the compilation and review of technical file for CE marking of medical devices and on the preparation of documentation for regulatory affairs submission.

Giulia is fluent in English, French and Italian.

Michael Maier - Senior Partner

Michael Maier has 20+ years of hand on experience within medical device industry in design & development projects, product industrialization and regulatory & quality affairs. Michael is a trained Notified Body auditor for ISO 13485 and MDD with a broad scope of products. He has worked for the notified bodies of DEKRA and KEMA and covered international compliance programs as CMDCASJ-PALTCPTGA.

Michael combines sound technological knowledge with global regulatory expertise in medical devices. Michael holds an MBA in corporate management, a master in Medical Engineering and a Swiss Certificate of Capacity as precision mechanic. Regularly, he is speaker in international events for medical devices, quality and regulatory affairs topics.

Dr Lea Bjerre Hokland - Senior Associate - Scandinavia

Lea Hokland is a human biologist and holds a ph.d. in health science based on implantable, degradable biomaterials and stem cells. She brings experience and lessons learned from 10+ years in human health science, start-up companies and medical device development. Being involved in quality and regulatory compliance for IVD, class III and combination products, Lea has a broad understanding of medical devices - with a particular focus on risk management, usability, and design & development.

Based on her scientific background and experience from clinical environment, Lea also bridges your connection to academia and clinics for thorough clinical evaluations. Lea has profound knowledge on standards and is certified auditor in ISO 13485. Lea is fluent in English and Danish, and has a good command of Norwegian.

Chloé Fattebert - Senior Associate - Team Leader

Chloé Fattebert has worked as process engineer in high criticality business domains such as medical devices and transportation. Chloé holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, in Microtechnical Engineering.

Chloé is heading project teams for multi  disciplinary GMP projects and implementation of technical documentation according to best pactices in order to facilitate the regulatory processes. Chloé supports you in getting a medical device CE marked or obtain regulatory clearance under other jurisdictions in various countries.

Eloïse Oreiller - Senior Associate - Customer Relationship Manager

EOR2newEloïse Oreiller holds an HES Bachelor’s degree in Design and Materials and a Master of Science MSE in Industrial Technologies, with a specialization in the biomedical field. She has worked as regulatory associate for the implementation of the regulatory and quality control processes for a medical device intended for the Southern Hemisphere.  
This background gives her a robust foundation and understanding of the operation of medical devices, as well as aspects connected to their development and production. Eloïse coaches QMS and product certification processes.

Dr Rima Padovani - Project Associate

Dr Rima Padovani is a biomedical engineer and has worked as a scientific researcher in different academic institutions in Dublin, Ireland, and in Lausanne. Rima owns a PhD in Microsystems and Microelectronics from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne. She has worked in the development of cutting-edge technologies for biomedical applications.

Rima is specialized in working in multidisciplinary projects, being able to manage different requirements and constraints, and keeping active collaborations with experts from different backgrounds. Rima is ready to provide support on quality assurance and on facilitating the regulatory process of medical devices. Rima is fluent in english, french and italian

Dr Richard Curno - Senior Associate - Clinical & Scientific Affairs

RCUnewDr Richard Curno is a regulatory affairs and quality assurance-oriented analytical and synthetic chemist, with in-depth knowledge of bringing medical devices, particularly in the dental and orthopedic field to the market. Richard holds a PhD in the development of biomarkers of dietary intake. Richard masters the deployement of the complex manufacturing processes for IVD and medical devices including process validation. one of the specialties of Richard is also to organize the clinical evaluations of medical devices, going from setting up a clinical investigation, down to reporting and documentation readiness for submission.

Moritz Hoyer  - Senior Associate - Customer Relationship Manager Germany

MHOnewMoritz Hoyer leads the Medidee office in Munich, Germany. Moritz has 6 years of experience in QMS & RA. He is in charge of establishing and maintaining QMS according to ISO13485 and coaching development and industrialization of medical devices. Moritz holds a Master in Mechatronics engineering with specialization in medical technologies from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. With his technical back ground and his experience Moritz is ready to support and optimize your QMS and to get your medical device cleared in numerous countries.

Dr Benjamin Frisch - Senior Associate

Dr Benjamin Frisch has over 10 years of experience in contributing to cutting-edge technological developments that answer unmet clinical needs. He holds a PhD in medical physics obtained for his work at CERN and joined the Technical University of Munich to coordinate a hospital-based laboratory focused on translational research in medical robotics and interventional imaging.

Benjamin brings expertise in managing international projects in multidisciplinary environments. He is your interface to clinical and academic partners and supports your product from the idea to the deployment under full consideration of state of the art quality, regulatory and project management practices.

Benjamin is fluent in French, German, English and Portuguese.

Dr Julianne Bobela - Project Associate

Julianne Bobela is a Life Scientist, qualified by more than ten years of professional experience in the field of translational research. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience, which she obtained from the University of Aix-Marseille II, France. Her doctoral studies consisted of exploring the inflammatory processes associated with the degeneration of motoneurons in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Being part of a renowned research team at EPFL, Switzerland, she later gained expertise in the preclinical development of gene therapy approaches for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Julianne is highly experienced in cellular and molecular biology as well as in animal experimentation. Her educational background and proven scientific writing skills, completed by her formal education and experience in managing interdisciplinary projects, are main assets for the support of your clinically-oriented projects under consideration of all quality and regulatory requirements.  

Julianne is fluent in French, German and English.

Ralf Gasser - Senior Associate

Ralf Gasser has 18+ years of experience in certification and testing of active medical devices. He is an expert in IEC 60601 Standard series, risk management (ISO 14971), usability (IEC 62366) and CB Scheme. Ralf analyses questions both from the technical and regulatory point of view and demonstrated excellence in coaching manufacturers of active medical devices through the V&V required to satisfy essential requirements and performance standards. He is member of the CES Technical Committee TK62 which is responsible for the technical work in standardisation in Switzerland. Prior to joining Medidee Services SA, Ralf has worked for INTRATest and CSA Group as Certification Specialist for medical devices. 

Dr Delphine Huser - Project Associate

Delphine is a regulatory and clinical affairs medical biologist, with the research expertize spanning from fundamental (electrophysiology and biochemistry), to applied research (clinical studies). Some of the scopes of Delphine’s activities as a Project Associate in Regulatory and Clinical Affairs are Clinical Evaluation Reports of medical devices, Biological Risk Assessments, Ethical Committee and Swissmedic submissions. Delphine Speaks French and English.

Dr Sandra Klompmaker - Project Associate

Dr. Sandra Klompmaker is a quality assurance and clinical investigations oriented life scientist with more than 10 years of experience in in vivo and in vitro experimental design, implementation and data analysis. Before joining Medidee, Sandra had been a member of multinational and highly competitive research groups in The Netherlands and Switzerland.

She is ready to support the deployment of quality management systems, facilitating the submission of technical documentation for CE marking of medical devices and eagerly supports clinical evaluations, from the design of the investigation to the final report.

Jérémie Emery - Project Associate

Jérémie holds a Bachelor in Life Sciences and a Master in Bioengineering with an orientation in Biomedical Technologies from EPFL. He worked more than four years in the research and development department of a biotech company where he gained extensive experience in molecular biology. Jérémie was mainly responsible for the development of molecular assays for the identification of biomarkers on an innovative technology. He then worked in the quality field for a medical technology company and was involved in the QMS maintenance and quality control activities.

Jarka Maierova - Finance & Administration

Jarka Maierova has 10+ years of experience in finance, accounting and administration in services and industrial companies. In Medidee, Jarka takes care of the compliance of business practices as well as of the delivery of services in Eastern Europe. Jarka masters german, czech, english and russian languages.